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Banana Open Screw Plugs

banana plugs make speaker installation a breeze. They are designed for use with amplifiers or speakers that use traditional binding posts. Not only is it easier to make the connection on the back of your amp, it is safer, with no chance of stray wire strands creating a short across contacts.
These high quality plugs are the screw type and can accept bare wire or spades. They are sized to fit speaker wire from 12 to 18 AWG. Each pair comes with one plug color coded red and the other coded black, for easy polarity identification.


1: Strip your speaker wire and depart the banana plugs
2: Twist the loose stands of wire Tightly
3: Insert the speaker wire through the side holes on the plugs
4: Tighten the screw securely (make sure there is only the wire core in the plug)
5: Connect to your audio receiver carefully

Material: Material: copper Gold Plated
Size: 4mm
length: 40mm Surface

Package Contents
2 x Banana Open Screw Plugs (1 Black + 1 Red)



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