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5 Second Rule Uncensored Board Game

Maybe you’ve seen Ellen play the original game with the guests on her show, or maybe you’ve seen the funny videos. Well, since the original is so popular, we put on our ‘uncensored hats’ and cooked up this new adult version! Same game – name three things in five seconds – but the themes are a bit more risky or in touch with pop culture. So your answers may be more uncensored! And, yes, the game includes the famous silly zooop marble timer, just a little smaller for easy travel, and with a color makeover for a cool look! Get together with friends and let the good stuff (uncensored!) Times fly!

It seems easy to name three uses for your tongue, but can you do it in five seconds without getting tongue-tied and flustered?!
You gotta dig into the smutty corner of your mind, while everyone’s staring at you and waiting to hear what you use your tongue for!
Fight through the laughter and just spit it out!
The twisted timer adds fun sound to the game; just don’t let its awesomeness distract you from winning!
For 3 or more players ages 17+ (because it’s Uncensored! ); and you get 150 2-sided cards and the twisted timer

Brand: Play Monster
UPC: 9328509001207
Type: Board Game
Material: Card stock Paper, Plastic
Age Level: 18 year and up
Play Time: 30 Minutes
Number of player: 3+
Product Dimensions: 6.35 x 12.7 x 17.78 cm
Item Weight: 0.29 kg



0.33 kg


12.7 × 5.08 × 20.32 cm


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