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FLOOFI Smart Pet Carrier (White)


  • 24L large space, smooth arc-shaped inner wall, pet lying more comfortable
  • It can be a hand carry portable cage or a “bag” with adjustable straps
  • Equipped with fresh air ventilation system, 4300rpm non-inductive aire supply, 30s to complete the entire package of ventilation
  • Built-in fan provides fresh airflow for your precious cat(or small dog) to keep the temperature inside comfortable
  • Built-in night light gradually illuminate the interior so it doesn’t startle your resting kitty, allowing your pet to see their surroundings-and allowing you to peek in on your pet


  • Voltage: DC 3V (2unit)
  • Power: 0.4W
  • Fan Speed: 4300rmin
  • Dimension: 48.9cm*32cm*29.9cm
  • Volume: 24L
  • Battery: 2x AAA battery
  • Door frame diameter: 26cm x 25cm (length x height)
  • Built in fan and night light



2.9 kg


50 × 30 × 35 cm



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