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The Greenfingers 1000W electronic ballast is suitable for use with both 1000W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) bulbs. It has a 4-phase manual dimming that can help to prolong the lamp lifespan by at least 10% with up to 30% energy savings compared with magnetic ballasts. It also features several protective functions including short circuit, circuit, overheat and lamp failure protection. The bat wing reflector spreads and directs the light in a downward focus to cover small to medium-sized plant growth areas. The compatible wattage HPS grow bulb can be used outdoors or indoors and as a thick glass housing for extra durability, enhanced wavelengths and lumen output power. The bulb is ideal for blooming and flowering and mainly produces a red spectrum that is perfect for germinating, flowering, and fruiting stages. Likewise the MH grow bulb is also ideal for blooming and growing stages and produces a blue spectrum that is perfect for all plant growth. The grow light can be hung in vertical or horizontal positions. The lamp does not flicker and works quietly and effectively. A pair of reflector yoyos is included to secure the reflector quickly and easily. The yoyos are made of a special composite material that is rust-resistant and heat and cold-resistant.


Dimmable electronic ballast

Suitable for HPS and MH bulbs

4 Dimmable levels

Prolong lamp life span at least 10% and energy saving up to 30% compared with magnetic ballast

Protection function: short-circuit protection, circuit protection, overheat protection and lamp failure protection

Good regulation against supply voltage variation

Constant wattage output if the supply voltage varies

Quiet operation

Elimination lamp flickering


Input frequency: 50-60 Hz

Input voltage: 120-240 Vac

Output frequency: greater than 30 KHz

Output power: 1000W

Power factor: greater than 0.99

Matching wattage HPS grow bulb: 2100k

Matching wattage MH grow bulb: 4000-6400k daylight

Dimmable: 4 phase manual dimming: 600w, 750w, 1000w, super lumens

Maximum lighting distance: 15 meters

Usage temperature: -40 to 55°C, with built-in thermal protection device fitted to 105°C and restarting at 55°C
Assembly Required:Yes
Pls note:This item comes in 1 package

Package Content:

1 x Wing reflector

1 x 1000W HPS Grow Light Lamp

1 x 1000W MH Grow Light Lamp

1 x Dimmable Electronic Ballast

1 x Rope Ratchet



7 kg


53 × 43.5 × 29 cm



Reviews (2)

  1. Lisa

    ( 2 Reviews )

    In my hydroponic arrangement, the digital ballast and reflector produce outstanding results.

  2. Manu

    ( 2 Reviews )

    Great, definitely worth the effort and money. I love how easy it was.

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