Product Information

Key Specifications:
Brand: Midea
Model: MDDM20
Size (H x W x D): 343*343*340mm
Water Tank Volume: 12L
Moisture removal: 20 Liters/Day
Rated input: 430W
Rated current: 2.3A
IEF: 2.3 l/kwh
Refrigerant: R290
Wind speed: Low/ Med /High
Noise level: 41~47.5 db(A)approx
Coverage area: 37~52m
Smart monitor, patented sensor and wi-fi enabled app

The Midea Cube dehumidifier has a unique lift-and-twist design that offers unparalleled flexibility: when operating in extended form, it has up to 3 times more water tank capacity than traditional dehumidifiers and can run much longer without the hassle of frequently emptying the tank; when in nested or drain form, the unit is half the size allowing compact storage or flexible draining.
It can fit into any room and maintain the desired humidity level in your home. The patented sensor and wi-fi enabled app allow you to monitor the humidity and water level, all at your fingertips. With multi-directional air intake and up to three different fan speeds, it is powerful enough to dehumidify your room, and quiet enough that youll forget its even there.

Manufacturer Warranty 1 years
Use:Not intended or designed for commercial use.

Package Dimensions (H x W x D): 384*359*382mm
Package Weight (kg): 17kg

Please note: Please allow 1-3CM differs due to manual measurement.



17 kg


35.9 × 38.4 × 38.2 cm



Reviews (2)

  1. granger

    ( 2 Reviews )

    Excellent in removing humidity; in fact, I slept well with it in the room overnight.

  2. Matthew

    ( 2 Reviews )

    Powerful, effective, and well-designed! I wanted a dehumidifier in my crawlspace with excellent drainage.

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