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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro H Filter

The Mi Air Purifier Pro H Filter is made of HEPA filter material, an inner layer of high-quality columnar catalyst activated carbon. It has strong absorption of formaldehyde, toluene, and other harmful gases or odors. It ensures long term purification. The filter cartridge can last up to 14 months.

H13 high-efficiency HEPA filter + strong columnar activated carbon
360 Full-effect Deep Purification
Usage Smart Reminder
Filter cartridge for up to 14 months
Evenly Folded Mountain Details.

Material: H13 High-Efficiency HEPA Ffilter + Strong Columnar Activated Carbon
Cleaner Types: Filter
Usage Time:10-14 Months
Filter Elements: bacteria, germs, 0.3μm particles, allergens such as pollen
Filter Efficiency: 99.97%
Suitable for: Mi Air Purifier Pro H
Filter: Primary filter, H13 high-efficiency HEPA filter and strong catalytic activated carbon
Dimension and Weight
Product Weight: 1.5 kg
Product Size: 24.9 x 38.4 cm
Package Weight: 2 kg



2 kg


29.3 × 29.3 × 43.3 cm


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